Are you afraid your accident claim is going to court? Don’t be.

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Going to court is something that nobody want to do. It is not a pleasant experience to have to file a personal injury claim, but unfortunately, it becomes necessary when insurance companies refuse to offer a fair settlement. However, it is important to note that initiating a lawsuit does not automatically mean that the case will proceed to trial. In fact, it is reassuring to know that the majority of cases are resolved through settlements before reaching the courtroom.

Why do insurance claims end up in court?

A significant number of Americans find themselves unable to bear the financial burden that comes with a medical emergency or car accident. It is disheartening to know that less than half of the population has sufficient funds to cover a $1,000 bill, let alone meet their entire medical deductible, which averages over $4,000 in the United States. Even if we are fortunate enough to have some form of health insurance, which applies to approximately 91% of us, the cost of medical emergencies remains a leading cause of personal bankruptcy in our nation. In fact, more than half of the bankruptcy cases in the country can be directly attributed to these medical expenses.

If you find yourself injured, unable to work, and in need of financial assistance to cover essential expenses such as groceries, rent, and utilities, you may wonder what options are available to you. Additionally, if your medical bills continue to accumulate, it can be even more challenging. However, if your injury was a result of someone else’s negligence or recklessness, like a distracted driver, you might have the opportunity to file a personal injury claim in Texas. By doing so, you could potentially receive financial compensation or reimbursement from the legal parties who share responsibility for the accident that caused your injury. This can provide some relief during a difficult time.

Is a “claim” the same thing as a lawsuit?

A personal injury claim should not be confused with a personal injury lawsuit, as they are not identical. Essentially, a personal injury claim refers to the legal action taken by an injured person against the responsible party or their insurance provider. The purpose of this claim is to seek compensation or reimbursement for the expenses that have been incurred due to an accident.

Why Texas residents mistakenly choose not to file a claim

  1. Many potential personal injury claimants choose not to pursue legal action due to their aversion to court proceedings. This reluctance stems from the widespread perception of court cases being protracted and arduous, with numerous challenges in proving their case and the defendant’s lawyers exacerbating other facets of their lives.
  2. The primary deterrent for individuals who could potentially file personal injury claims is their unwillingness to engage in courtroom battles. This hesitancy is often fueled by the daunting reputation of court cases, notorious for their lengthy duration, the complexities involved in establishing one’s case, and the adversarial tactics employed by the defendant’s legal team to complicate other aspects of the claimant’s life.
  3. A significant factor preventing potential personal injury claimants from taking legal action is their reluctance to enter the courtroom. This apprehension is largely influenced by the negative narratives surrounding court cases, including their protracted nature, the challenges in substantiating their claims, and the adversarial strategies employed by the defendant’s lawyers to disrupt various aspects of the claimant’s life.

Will I get a larger settlement if I go to court?

Nothing is guaranteed. When collaborating with experienced Dallas personal injury attorney Brian Brunson, he will consistently advocate for a settlement that is just, precise, and sufficient. A crucial initial step in pursuing a personal injury claim is to create a demand letter that precisely encompasses all the expenses that should be included in any potential settlement. This step holds significant importance as it can potentially influence the final result of your case. Additionally, if your personal injury claim is resolved outside of court, you often receive the necessary and deserved compensation more promptly compared to a trial.

In the end, your attorney should always be your strongest advocate. Seasoned car wreck lawyer Brian Brunson possess the knowledge to determine whether a case should be resolved through settlement or taken to trial before a jury. Competent attorneys are capable of thoroughly assessing your case before reaching a settlement, ensuring that you obtain the highest possible compensation and do not miss out on any potential benefits. The presence of an advocate who is well-versed in the legal system can significantly impact the final outcome of your case.


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