How Dallas Car Wreck Attorney Brian Brunson Can Help You

After a serious car accident, many drivers and passengers who are injured may not know what legal actions to take. One of the most crucial steps that a victim of a car accident should take is to hire an experienced legal representative as soon as possible. A skilled car accident lawyer can investigate the accident, […]

What You Should Do If You Witness a Car or Truck Wreck

When encountering a motor vehicle collision, it is crucial to know the appropriate course of action. While many individuals have experienced minor fender benders themselves, not everyone possesses the knowledge of how to respond when they witness such an incident. The question arises: should one stop or continue driving? Moreover, should assistance be offered to […]

The Differences To Know About 18-Wheeler and Car Accidents

Today, we aim to discuss the dissimilarities between truck accidents and car accidents. Commercial trucks’ sheer size, weight, and height present unique challenges that set them apart from car accidents. The aftermath of truck accidents can lead to severe injuries, significant property damage, and intricate legal consequences. It is crucial to comprehend these differences, particularly […]

The Importance of Hiring Dallas Car Wreck Lawyer Brian Brunson

Experiencing an auto accident can be an incredibly distressing and overwhelming ordeal. While some car crashes are minor, others may result in life-altering injuries for those involved. It’s common to question whether or not to seek legal counsel following such an event. Regrettably, hesitating to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer like Brian Brunson can […]

Dallas Thunderstorms Cause Accidents Across North Texas

Our recent wild weather here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex sometimes shows no mercy as rain, hail, and high winds keep road accident threats alive. However, it’s not just these extreme weather events that pose a danger. The truth is that rain-related car accidents are a bigger issue than most folks think. Even a light […]

How To Find Out If Your Vehicle Is Under Recall

Back in 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched a fantastic and free online search tool, designed to help you find crucial information on recalled vehicles. This incredibly valuable tool is perfect for vehicle owners, buyers, and renters – all you need is the car or motorcycle’s VIN number to discover if there […]

Safety Tips for Driving in Heavy Dallas Thunderstorms

Over the past few days the Dallas – Fort Worth area has received significant rainfall in the form of heavy thunderstorms. Rain is often the cause of motor vehicle accidents throughout the metroplex, so here are a few tips to follow the next time you hit the roads in the rain. Take your time and […]

Commons Mistakes That Can Damage Your Accident Injury Claim

Knowing the common errors that can harm your car accident claim in Dallas can help you prevent them and obtain a fair settlement based on your injuries and damages. Being aware of your rights and legal choices is crucial for receiving the compensation you need after an accident. To safeguard your rights, lessen your stress, […]

What to do if you’re the victim of a drunk driver

The dangers and repercussions of driving under the influence are well-established, yet there are individuals who persist in getting behind the wheel after consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. Victims of accidents caused by drunk drivers can suffer severe injuries with lasting consequences, and those responsible must be held liable for their reckless behavior. In the […]

Dallas Personal Injury Attorney Brian Brunson

The Law Office of Brian Brunson focuses on severe motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury matters that can have a long lasting effect on you and your loved ones. Our personal injury firm takes an aggressive approach with skillful advocacy to ensure that every client receives justice and the appropriate compensation they deserve in a fair, […]