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Avoiding Accidents While Driving on Wet Dallas Roads

Attorney Brian Brunson - Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s been pouring down here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and the rain always has a way of making everything look fresh and new. However, as much as it beautifies our landscapes, it also brings complications to our roadways. For drivers, the initial allure of rain often gives way to feelings of unease. Wet roads pose unexpected challenges that are often underestimated. The reduced visibility, slippery surfaces, and the danger of hydroplaning can quickly turn a routine drive into a potentially hazardous situation.

When individuals have experienced the challenging outcomes of such situations, knowing what options are available is crucial. This is where the Law Office of Brian Brunson comes into play. With a history of assisting those affected by accidents on slippery roads, our dedication extends beyond legal proceedings. Our goal is to empower and inform, making sure that drivers are prepared to deal with the unpredictable conditions of wet surfaces, and in case of emergencies, to feel confident knowing they have a supportive team ready to assist them.

Why do roads become so hazardous when it rains?

Rain doesn’t just make roads wet; it transforms them completely. When rainwater combines with the oils and dirt from cars on the road, it creates a slick coating that decreases grip for tires. If the rain keeps falling, this mixture of water and oil builds up, making the road even more dangerous to drive on. When your car’s tires roll over this combination, they frequently struggle to scatter the water fast. If the water can’t exit through the tire’s pattern, it leads to the tire lifting and gliding on the water surface, a situation called hydroplaning. In this scenario, the car is essentially “surfing” on the road over the slippery layer, significantly reducing the driver’s control.

When the traction of a vehicle is reduced, it brings about a higher level of danger. This means that it becomes more difficult to control the steering, braking, and acceleration when driving on wet surfaces. If you try to make sudden turns or come to a sudden stop, there is a greater chance of the vehicle skidding, fishtailing, and causing severe accidents. When it comes to the law, accidents on rainy roads can lead to problems with who is responsible. Even though the rain is something out of our control, it is up to the drivers to make sure they are driving safely in these conditions. If a driver doesn’t slow down or take care of their car (such as checking tire tread), they could be seen as careless in the eyes of the law.

Helpful Tips When Driving in the Rain

Defensive driving is crucial when driving on wet roads as it can help you avoid accidents. Adapting to the different conditions and being aware of the risks can make a big difference in staying safe. Remember to:

Check your tire tread and pressure. Having enough tread helps your tires push water away, while having the right pressure makes sure your tires grip the road properly.

Don’t make abrupt actions while driving. Rapidly turning the steering wheel, abruptly stopping, or swiftly changing lanes can pose a risk. These sudden movements can cause your vehicle to lose grip on the road, resulting in skidding.

Increase the distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. Wet roads require more time to come to a complete stop, so giving yourself extra space can help prevent rear-end collisions.

Slow down. When you reduce your speed, you lower the chances of hydroplaning and you have better control over your vehicle. So remember, take it slow to stay safe on the road!


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