Dallas Personal Injury Attorney Brian Brunson

The Law Office of Brian Brunson focuses on severe motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury matters that can have a long lasting effect on you and your loved ones. Our personal injury firm takes an aggressive approach with skillful advocacy to ensure that every client receives justice and the appropriate compensation they deserve in a fair, […]

A Look At Motorcycle Laws In The State of Texas

In every state, including Texas, the control and regulation of vehicles on public roads is crucial for maintaining order and safety. This extends to motorcyclists, who are bound by the same traffic laws as other motorists. However, there are specific Texan laws aimed at governing the operation of motorcycles. Being unaware of these Texas motorcycle […]

Comparing Car and Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims

Filing a compensation claim after a car or motorcycle accident may seem quite similar at first glance. With common factors like the same statute of limitations and the necessity to prove negligence, it’s easy to see why. However, just like the prominent physical distinctions between cars and motorcycles, there are significant differences in their respective […]

Springtime Means Rain, and Rain Means Pot Holes and Accidents

It’s springtime in Texas and here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex we’re all too familiar with the sudden rain and thunderstorms that wreak havoc not only on our daily commute, but the roads we all commute on. What Causes Potholes? Potholes are usually caused by a combination of water and vehicle traffic. Rain water seeps […]

7 Tips to Keep You Safe on Your Motorcycle This Spring

As the weather warms up, more and more motorcycle enthusiasts will be taking to the streets. Unfortunately, an increased number of motorcycle riders out on the roads means an increased number of motorcycle accidents. If you’re involved in a motorcycle wreck, you need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer on your side. To help you avoid […]

How To Handle a Hit and Run Motorcycle Accident

When someone is involved in a motor vehicle accident, they cannot leave the scene of an accident without stopping. Doing so is illegal. However, sometimes in the heat of the moment, irresponsible drivers may flee the scene of an accident, especially if they caused it. They may also flee the scene if they do not […]

When Should You Hire a Dallas Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Oftentimes, motorcycle riders are unjustly accused of being reckless on Texas roads and highways. Many people just assume that when an accident occurs involving a motorcycle, it was the riders fault for the crash. However, this is often not true. Motorcycle riders sometimes find themselves the victims of careless motor vehicle drivers who cause accidents […]

Why You Should Request A Copy Of Your Accident Report

When you are involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, an accident report is created to document the details of the accident. This accident report is the most important document you’ll need for your insurance and/or personal injury claim. The Law Office of Brian Brunson can obtain a copy of this report for you, schedule […]