Always Wear Protective Gear and Practice Motorcycle Safety

Unlike what insurance companies and most people think, most Dallas motorcyclists actually ride defensively to keep themselves and others safe. However, if another driver doesn’t pay attention and causes a motorcycle accident, the protective gear worn by the motorcyclist could be the deciding factor between a minor injury and a fatal one. Wearing helmets, gloves, […]

Share the Road – May Is Motorcycle Awareness Month

As the weather gets warmer here in Dallas, there will be a significant rise in the number of motorcyclists cruising along the roads. With over 340,000 registered motorcycles in Texas, the importance of understanding how to coexist with motorcyclists has become a critical concern. To reduce the risk of accidents and save lives, drivers are […]


Los motociclistas corren un mayor riesgo de sufrir lesiones graves incluso en accidentes menores que ocurren a baja velocidad. A diferencia de los automóviles, las motocicletas carecen de jaulas de acero reforzadas y bolsas de aire para proteger a los conductores de daños, lo que hace que los motociclistas sean más vulnerables a sufrir lesiones. […]

What To Do If You Have a Motorcycle Wreck In Dallas

Dallas is an awesome spot for people who love riding motorcycles. In the Lone Star State, there are so many cool places for riders to visit like cozy inns, fancy wineries, and exciting attractions. However, it’s super important for motorcyclists to remember that their safety depends on the other drivers on the road. Even though […]

The Law Office of Brian Brunson Handles Dallas Motorcycle Wrecks

Motorcycle accidents can pose significant challenges when it comes to filing a claim. Therefore, it is crucial to start building a case early on in order to gather the necessary evidence as close to the incident as possible. In the context of motorcycle collisions, evidence can easily be lost due to various factors such as […]

5 Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riding in Dallas-Fort Worth

Motorcyclists are at a higher risk of sustaining serious injuries even in minor accidents that happen at low speeds. Unlike cars, motorcycles lack reinforced steel cages and airbags to shield riders from harm, making motorcyclists more vulnerable to injuries. To reduce the chances of being involved in a severe accident and suffering harm, it is […]

Attorney Brian Brunson Is Your Dallas Motorcycle Lawyer

Motorcycle crash cases are often complex and challenging to present to a jury, sometimes making it tough to settle without going to trial. Therefore, it’s crucial to start building a solid case early on to gather evidence as close to the incident as possible. Weather conditions, incomplete investigations, or failure to document injuries or the […]

Cars vs. Motorcycles: Which are more dangerous?

Motorcycle riders face a significantly higher risk of fatal accidents compared to passengers in cars or other vehicles. Although motorcycles make up just 3% of all registered vehicles in the U.S., they account for a staggering 14% of all traffic fatalities, as noted by the National Safety Council (NSC). Several factors contribute to the heightened […]

Dallas Personal Injury Attorney Brian Brunson

The Law Office of Brian Brunson focuses on severe motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury matters that can have a long lasting effect on you and your loved ones. Our personal injury firm takes an aggressive approach with skillful advocacy to ensure that every client receives justice and the appropriate compensation they deserve in a fair, […]

A Look At Motorcycle Laws In The State of Texas

In every state, including Texas, the control and regulation of vehicles on public roads is crucial for maintaining order and safety. This extends to motorcyclists, who are bound by the same traffic laws as other motorists. However, there are specific Texan laws aimed at governing the operation of motorcycles. Being unaware of these Texas motorcycle […]

Comparing Car and Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims

Filing a compensation claim after a car or motorcycle accident may seem quite similar at first glance. With common factors like the same statute of limitations and the necessity to prove negligence, it’s easy to see why. However, just like the prominent physical distinctions between cars and motorcycles, there are significant differences in their respective […]

Springtime Means Rain, and Rain Means Pot Holes and Accidents

It’s springtime in Texas and here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex we’re all too familiar with the sudden rain and thunderstorms that wreak havoc not only on our daily commute, but the roads we all commute on. What Causes Potholes? Potholes are usually caused by a combination of water and vehicle traffic. Rain water seeps […]