The Differences To Know About 18-Wheeler and Car Accidents

Today, we aim to discuss the dissimilarities between truck accidents and car accidents. Commercial trucks’ sheer size, weight, and height present unique challenges that set them apart from car accidents. The aftermath of truck accidents can lead to severe injuries, significant property damage, and intricate legal consequences. It is crucial to comprehend these differences, particularly […]

Neglected 18-Wheeler Maintenance Causing Dallas Accidents

Compared to standard traffic accidents involving passenger cars or SUVs, a collision with an 18-wheeler on a beltway or interstate can be overwhelmingly devastating. This often results in severe bodily harm or even fatalities. Large trucks commonly called “big rigs” or “semis,” are incredibly heavy and require more time to come to a halt than […]

Commercial Truck Accidents Require An Experienced Attorney

18-wheeler accidents tend to be more complex compared to typical car accidents in Dallas. In incidents involving sizable commercial vehicles, it is essential to scrutinize adherence to regulatory standards. Additionally, there might be numerous levels of accountability. Both the driver and their employer could be held liable. Furthermore, a third party, such as the company […]

Will Electric 18-Wheelers Soon Be Hitting The Roads?

Here’s some electrifying news for you — the EV revolution isn’t just for cars anymore. It’s spreading its wings in the realm of commercial trucks too. With Tesla flipping the switch on their electric big rig, we might soon be cruising alongside environmentally friendly giants on highways. Do EV trucks promise a greener future with […]

When You Need A Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents rank among the most disastrous and life-changing incidents that can transpire on Texas’ roadways. The sheer size and mass of commercial trucks contribute to catastrophic injuries and significant property damage. Consequently, victims end up shouldering immense physical, emotional, and financial burdens. In the unfortunate event that you or someone close to you has […]

How To Avoid An 18-Wheeler “Jackknife” Accident

Semi-trucks, also known as 18-wheelers, are essential for transporting goods into Texas, where they will be sold at various retail outlets. These large vehicles are unmistakable as they traverse the state’s highways. Comprised of two components—a tractor in the front and a trailer in the back—these trucks are connected by a “fifth wheel” coupling device. […]

Dallas Personal Injury Attorney Brian Brunson

The Law Office of Brian Brunson focuses on severe motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury matters that can have a long lasting effect on you and your loved ones. Our personal injury firm takes an aggressive approach with skillful advocacy to ensure that every client receives justice and the appropriate compensation they deserve in a fair, […]

How Much Money Can Be Recovered In An 18-Wheeler Accident

You might be curious about the typical sum for an 18-wheeler accident settlement. Truthfully, there isn’t a standard amount when it comes to truck accident settlements due to the plethora of variables involved. In a nutshell, the extent of damages hinges on two primary factors: 1) The degree of the truck driver’s fault and 2) […]

What Happens In Accidents Involving Rental Trucks

If you’re involved in an accident while operating a moving truck or van, you should first contact the rental company and inform them of the accident. Your next call should be to a Dallas personal injury attorney. You need experienced truck wreck lawyer Brian Brunson, because in many cases, the insurance company may try to […]

18-wheeler wreck? You need an experienced Dallas truck accident lawyer on your side.

Commercial truck wrecks, especially those caused by 18-wheelers, occur each and every day resulting in hundreds of fatal crashes and thousands of serious personal injuries. Companies who implement the use of 18-wheelers and drivers of other large commercial trucks carry substantial insurance policies to ensure damages can be paid when company drivers are involved in […]