Will Electric 18-Wheelers Soon Be Hitting The Roads?

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Here’s some electrifying news for you — the EV revolution isn’t just for cars anymore. It’s spreading its wings in the realm of commercial trucks too. With Tesla flipping the switch on their electric big rig, we might soon be cruising alongside environmentally friendly giants on highways.

Do EV trucks promise a greener future with reduced emissions? Absolutely! But, they also introduce new challenges for truckers and fellow road users alike. We’ll need a shift in truck driving techniques, fleet management, and road-sharing etiquette as we embrace this electrifying transition.

How many electric trucks are currently in operation?

Today, diesel still fuels most of our 18-wheelers, but squeezing more miles from their electric counterparts remains a hurdle. While an average diesel semi blazes through 2,000 miles before hitting the pump, an electric counterpart can only zip 250 to 500 miles before needing a recharge.

And the juice-up isn’t lightning-fast either. With charging times running from one to three hours, truckers will find themselves longing for the quick top-offs that diesel rigs offered.

Still, many manufacturers are all charged up and rolling out full-scale EV commercial trucks. Pioneering mega-brands like Walmart and Anheuser-Busch are already parking these eco-friendly haulers in their American fleets.

On urban routes with frequent stops but fewer miles under their belt, these green giants shine. Their compact batteries make them nimble city crawlers while regenerative braking gives them extra oomph between stops—all while cutting down local noise and air pollution.

What are the dangers of electric big rigs?

  • Speed and response time: Tesla’s zero-emission lord of the highway goes from zero to 60 mph in a mere twenty seconds. Drivers will need to master their ride’s newfound prowess while hitting the brakes just in time.
  • Heavyweight hitters: With extra weight from those battery-packed bellies, EV trucks can hit harder in collisions, translating into more serious injuries.
  • Fire danger: Collisions may spawn thermal, chemical, or electrical hazards. But compared to those old-school diesel tanks, EV batteries can make for a fiery, electric aftermath.

With a shockingly new era of commercial transport, it’s time to embrace the green and gear up for some high voltage encounters on the road.

Can a wreck involving an electric truck impact insurance litigation?

Truck accident claims are often complex matters, this is why you need an experienced Dallas truck accident lawyer on your side. There are many factors that can cause an accident, some of which include:

  • A reckless truck driver not paying attention to the road.
  • A trucking company fails to uphold safety standards in hiring drivers, assigning routes, or maintaining trucks.
  • A cargo-loading company makes grave errors, making an accident unavoidable.
  • The firm responsible for the truck’s trailer neglects upkeep, ultimately causing a crash.
  • Alternatively, another motorist’s carelessness can be the catalyst for the mishap.

Now, add electric vehicles to the mix and the complexity escalates. Manufacturers and maintenance providers of electric trucks can also be at fault in grim accidents. Given the novelty of EVs in the market, pinpointing who had knowledge or responsibility for an issue can be significantly more difficult than with traditional diesel truck collisions. So buckle up; the road to EV accident resolution might get a bit bumpy!

If you’ve been in a wreck involving any type of 18-wheeler, contact us today.

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