Help! I’m Being Wrongfully Accused Of Causing An Accident

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In the aftermath of a vehicle collision, insurance firms carry out thorough investigations to establish liability. Despite their best efforts, adjusters can sometimes make mistakes and wrongfully assign responsibility to you. Being falsely accused of causing a car accident can leave you emotionally and financially burdened with unjust expenses and the potential for increased insurance premiums.

However, you should not passively accept an erroneous fault determination. Remember that it’s within your rights to challenge the decision. Gaining insight into the process of how insurance companies establish blame after a car crash will empower you to know the necessary steps if you need to dispute their judgment. With the right legal assistance, you stand a strong chance of successfully contesting a flawed assessment of fault.

Who Decides Who’s At Fault?

Insurance companies are responsible for conducting initial evaluations to determine which driver is at fault in an accident. Adjusters examine various forms of evidence including police records, statements from those involved, eyewitness testimonials, and more. Based on their findings, they allocate percentage-based accountability that ultimately impacts your eligibility to receive compensation for losses related to the accident.

Your attorney will conduct an independent inquiry into the specifics of the incident and draw their own conclusions regarding who is at fault for the crash. Equipped with their research and supporting facts, they can robustly challenge the insurance provider’s inaccurate conclusion.

It’s essential to keep in mind that insurance providers have a vested financial interest in deflecting as much blame onto you as possible. Their main objective is to safeguard their profits by limiting the amount they have to pay out in claims. The only way drivers can protect themselves from bearing unjust costs is by gathering and presenting compelling evidence to contest inaccurate determinations.

What Can I Do To Help Protect Myself?

There are a number of steps you should take when you’re involved in a car accident. They include:

Filing a police report
Obtaining witness testimonies
Taking photos and video footage
Detailing any and all vehicle damage
Requesting accident reconstruction data

What If The Other Driver Is Claiming I’m At Fault?

If you feel that the insurance company’s judgment is incorrect, don’t hesitate to challenge their determination of fault. Initiate the process by getting in touch with your insurer and formally disputing their decision, ensuring you have solid counter-evidence to prove your innocence.

Take the extra step of directly contacting the other driver’s insurance provider, presenting a compelling case as to why their client was liable, and requesting a reconsideration. Amplify your efforts by enlisting the expertise of a seasoned Dallas personal injury attorney, adding both credibility and legal prowess to your cause.

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