Neglected 18-Wheeler Maintenance Causing Dallas Accidents

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Compared to standard traffic accidents involving passenger cars or SUVs, a collision with an 18-wheeler on a beltway or interstate can be overwhelmingly devastating. This often results in severe bodily harm or even fatalities. Large trucks commonly called “big rigs” or “semis,” are incredibly heavy and require more time to come to a halt than the average passenger car.

Recovering money for your serious injuries

Picture being in a smaller vehicle that gets struck by a massive tractor-trailer or even a large box truck delivery vehicle – the outcome is potentially disastrous. Dallas personal injury lawyer Brian Brunson has become all too familiar with the array of injuries caused by trucking-related highway and beltway accidents. Just few examples of such injuries include lacerations, bruises, and simple bone fractures – but these minor incidents pale in comparison to life-threatening situations like closed-head trauma, compound fractures, spinal damage, and internal organ injuries.

In addition to this, victims of commercial trucking accidents involving tanker trucks carrying hazardous materials like gasoline or diesel fuel may face exposure to fires stemming from ruptured tank trailers. Burn injuries can cause lifelong disfigurement, chronic pain, and discomfort. In some cases, victims may not escape the intense heat in time and tragically lose their lives before emergency personnel can provide assistance.

As a Texas truck accident firm, we are always appalled to discover the selfish and negligent behavior displayed by some truck drivers and trucking companies. Cutting corners on required maintenance or tampering with essential safety systems on tractor-trailers for the sake of saving money is utterly irresponsible when innocent lives are jeopardized as a result.

Lack of maintenance leading to accidents

Brake failures contribute to approximately 5% of commercial trucking accidents each year across the nation. Despite warning signs of an impending brake failure – such as diminished braking performance, strange grinding noises while braking, or excess drag from poorly adjusted or failing brakes – some deceitful trucking firms and truck drivers willfully neglect necessary maintenance, hoping to delay the inevitable for as long as possible.

For some unfortunate motorists, neglectful drivers or cargo companies delaying vital maintenance can create life-threatening situations on Texas highways. Our firm is dedicated to supporting victims and their families, conducting thorough investigations to uncover all potential causes behind a severe trucking accident. We understand that meticulously examining maintenance records and other associated documents relating to the upkeep and operation of a large commercial vehicle can significantly contribute to obtaining compensation from liable parties.

When it comes to poor or inadequate braking performance in large trucks, there are usually several prime suspects:

  1. glazing of the brake pads;
  2. oil- or grease-soaked pad material; and
  3. failure of the braking system’s power assist functionality.

Each of these issues, or a combination thereof, can drastically increase the already lengthy stopping distances typical of large, heavy commercial vehicles. While these concerns demand attention from a maintenance perspective, they don’t always equate to negligence. However, it’s worth noting that certain misguided practices within the trucking industry are notorious for causing severe traffic accidents and taking a human toll.

Certain commercial truck drivers risk depowering their front brakes, leaning on their rear wheels’ braking force and transmission downshifting to decelerate their vehicles. Though this approach might conserve front brakes and potentially reduce fuel consumption, the consequences can be dire should an unexpected incident arise at high speeds. A driver unable to dodge a collision due to disconnected front brakes might even land in a jackknife situation, escalating the risk of injury and property damage.


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