Comparing Car and Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims

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Filing a compensation claim after a car or motorcycle accident may seem quite similar at first glance. With common factors like the same statute of limitations and the necessity to prove negligence, it’s easy to see why. However, just like the prominent physical distinctions between cars and motorcycles, there are significant differences in their respective claims that can impact your potential for adequate compensation.

Let’s discuss three key contrasts between claiming compensation after a motorcycle accident compared to a car accident.

People often assume motorcyclists are at fault

Motorcyclists are bound by the same traffic rules as car drivers, but unfortunately, they sometimes face unfair stereotyping. Insurance companies, law enforcement officials, and even judges may view motorcyclists as reckless thrill-seekers. Consequently, motorcycle accident claims often undergo additional scrutiny compared to car accident claims.

Both adjusters and attorneys will actively search for indicators that the motorcyclist caused or contributed to the accident. Protective gear worn during the crash—like helmets and proper clothing—will also be considered when evaluating the claim.

Motorcycle accidents often result in more serious bodily injury

One of the primary challenges in motorcycle injury claims is the extent of injuries sustained. Motorcycles don’t provide any protection to their riders in a crash; even minor incidents can result in serious injuries like concussions, broken bones, and road rash. This is why it’s crucial to seek medical evaluation post-accident—to grasp the true severity of your injuries.

Evidence of your injuries is paramount when submitting your claim alongside your motorcycle accident lawyer. Without proper medical documentation, securing appropriate compensation for all your damages can become an uphill battle.

Insurance claims involving motorcycles can take longer to settle

After filing a claim post-motorcycle wreck, be prepared for potential resistance or extended insurance investigations before receiving payment. Unjust prejudices against motorcyclists and the larger payout requirements due to severe injuries might prolong your claim settlement process. Engaging an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can expedite matters—especially if they can successfully present objective evidence in support of your claim.

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