Filing a Personal Injury Claim After the Recent Hurricane

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It’s not too often we talk about hurricanes here in Texas, but it does happen. Many people discovered that this week after the catastrophic damage caused by Beryl, a Category 1 hurricane that made landfall yesterday. Even though a hurricane can cause a lot of damage to your life, having Dallas personal injury attorney Brian Brunson by your side can make a big difference. We can assist you and your family in the unfortunate event you now find yourself handling the consequences from property losses.

What To Do Now That The Storm Has Passed

After the storm passes, make sure to inspect your house for any damages. Stay on solid ground and steer clear of any flooded areas until you receive further instructions. While inside, refrain from using candles or open flames. When you start looking for any potential damage, opt for a flashlight instead of other light sources.

When you start inspecting your house, make sure to examine your appliances, gas lines, water supply, and electricity for any signs of damage. Remember that fallen power lines can still be live and pose a serious threat, so steer clear of them. It’s also important to avoid driving through areas that may have road closures caused by flooding, debris, or downed power lines.

When it comes to clearing out debris left by the hurricane, always be extremely careful when operating power tools, chainsaws, or any other equipment. Safety should be your top priority to prevent any accidents or injuries.

Documenting and Reporting Property Damages

Make sure to snap some pictures of the damage caused by the hurricane so you have proof for your insurance company. It’s important to document everything properly to ensure you get the coverage you need.

2. Additionally, consider taking videos and organizing your financial documents. This could involve creating a list of all the items that were affected by the hurricane and might need to be replaced. Being prepared with this information will help streamline the claims process with your insurance provider.

If your home gets damaged by a hurricane, it’s a good idea to talk to a lawyer before you try to get money from your insurance. Insurance companies sometimes try to trick people who are making claims. Even though dealing with this might be really hard, the insurance company might not give you all the money you deserve.

Contact Attorney Brian Brunson to Deal With the Insurance Company

Consider discussing the damages with the Law Office of Brian Brunson before rushing to file your hurricane damage claim with the insurance company. Take the time to review your homeowners insurance, flood insurance, and any other hurricane insurance policies you may have – get in touch with our hurricane insurance lawyer now. They can provide insight on what losses are covered and anticipate any resistance from the insurance company.

If you say anything to the insurance company, they might try to use it against you to lower or refuse your benefits and compensation. But if you have a lawyer for your hurricane damage claim, you can feel confident that the insurance adjusters won’t take advantage of you for their own gain. If the insurance company doesn’t want to give you a fair settlement, we can get ready to take them to court and make sure they are responsible for what they owe you.

Tips The Next Time We’re Faced With a Hurricane

After the hurricane hits the coast, make sure to stay informed about the situation whenever you can. If you still have electricity, you can stay up to date by tuning in to local news channels. However, you also have the option to check updates on the hurricane’s current status through various online platforms such as apps, social media, and news websites. It is important to stay updated and keep track of the situation in order to assess the severity of the hurricane.

  • Tracking the storm
  • How much time it will continue
  • How long your supplies will hold out for your family
  • When you can start checking for damages and leave your house
  • Figuring out the total property damages


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