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5 Signs You’ve Hired The Wrong Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney Brian Brunson - Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

Believe it when we say that all attorneys are not created equal. As with any professional, skill level and expertise in their chosen field will vary. When it comes to fighting for you after you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, the last thing you want is an incompetent personal injury lawyer representing you. Here are 5 important things to watch out for or signs that indicate you may’ve secured the wrong counsel.

1. You can’t reach them or your calls go unanswered

Your lawyer claims to find a solution to your query, yet never follows up. They seem clueless about your case specifics when you discuss it with them. A good lawyer stays accessible 24/7 and maintains open communication, promptly responding to you. However, if your attempts to reach out are continually ignored, it’s likely you’ve got a lousy lawyer on your hands.

2. They aren’t clear and up-front with their fees

The crucial choice of hiring an attorney should only be made once you’ve gathered all the significant facts and information. Two essential aspects to consider are the lawyer’s fees and the payment timeline. If they skirt around these subjects or are vague regarding legal costs and due dates, chances are you’ve hired an incompetent lawyer.

3. They are late or unprepared for hearings

If your lawyer often arrives late to court or meetings, it signals a lack of commitment to your case. Such carelessness can not only result in mounting legal fees but also jeopardize your chances of victory. A dedicated attorney will always be punctual for court appearances. So, if your legal representative is notorious for their tardiness or missed appearances, it’s high time to find a reliable one who respects deadlines. Similarly, if they appear to struggle with paperwork or constantly request more time from the court, it indicates they are poorly prepared. You need a lawyer who comes ready and eager to stand up for you in the courtroom; otherwise, it’s time to switch firms.

4. They don’t truly care about you or your case

Be it a car crash injury or holding a negligent physician accountable for surgical errors; you require a supportive lawyer who genuinely listens. The distressing experience you’ve endured—be it severe physical damages, substantial financial losses, or emotional wounds—warrants empathy, compassion, and professionalism from your attorney. A lawyer who is indifferent towards your feelings will probably be indifferent in handling your case as well. Furthermore, if they lack knowledge about the progress of your car accident, truck incident, slip-and-fall or medical malpractice claim, it’s a red flag indicating inadequate time and effort being devoted to winning your case. An uninterested lawyer may indicate that you’ve unfortunately hired an unsuitable one.

5. They guarantee you’ll receive a certain amount of compensation

Having an exceptionally strong case might hint at potential success but doesn’t guarantee triumph. Various factors can influence your legal claim’s outcome, such as any involvement you had in the accident leading to your injuries or the percentage of fault assigned to you. Be cautious of any attorney who promises a surefire win — this is often a dubious tactic used by some practitioners to amass clients without assessing their capacity to competently handle specific cases.

Choose An Experienced Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

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