5 Steps To Take When You’re Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

When you’re injured in an automobile, truck, or motorcycle accident, The Law Office of Brian Brunson is here for you. Before you settle with the insurance company, call our firm. Insurance companies are known for trying to pay victims the least amount possible for their pain and suffering. We fight for you and get you the most financial compensation possible!

Our office has recovered millions of dollars for clients. Let us help you too! Worried about the cost of hiring an attorney? Don’t! Our firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means that you don’t pay us a dime unless we recover money for you.

Follow These 5 Steps When You’re Involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident

1. Assess yourself for any injuries you may have sustained
Check on the health of yourself and any passengers that are riding with you. If you or anyone has injuries, request medical attention immediately. (Call an ambulance.) If you feel like you may have been injured, do not tell anyone that you are “okay”.

2. Call the police
Remain on the scene until first responders arrive. If the accident was a minor “fender bender” and it is obvious that there are no injuries, you should move yourself and your vehicle out of the roadway. If your vehicle is inoperable or you feel like you have sustained any form of injury, remain where you are. Whether there were injuries or not, you should contact the police so they can create an accident report. Other individuals involved in the accident may later claim that they sustained injuries, so you’ll want an official police report on record.

3. Do not apologize
Even if you feel you might have been at fault, do not apologize to anyone. There are many factors that could have attributed to the accident. You do not want to prematurely incriminate yourself in any way. Collect as much information as you can about the scene and the situation, but do not discuss the accident with anyone involved or any onlookers.

4. Call your insurance company
You want to inform your insurance company that you have been involved in a car accident. However, only disclose the necessary information. Do not speculate on who was at fault, or discuss any injuries, etc.

5. Call the Law Office of Brian Brunson
If you were injured in a not-at-fault accident, then you should not have to incur the cost of medical bills and car repairs. You are likely entitled to financial compensation from the other driver’s insurance. This compensation can cover things such as medical expenses, lost income, vehicle repairs and other costs. Contact us today at 214-730-8961 and let our personal injury attorneys review the details of your accident. The initial consultation is absolutely free and you pay nothing unless we recover money for you.

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