5 Things Car Insurance Companies Wish You Didn’t Know

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Unlocking the secrets of car insurance and discovering the factors providers consider can be your ticket to slashing expenses. Put yourself in the driver’s seat by analyzing your car owner profile and identifying the little details that can rev up savings or slam the brakes on affordability. Go on a deal-hunting road trip by comparing rates, and see if switching lanes to a new insurer or fine-tuning your current policy might turbocharge your journey to a fatter wallet.

1. They claim to be fair when in reality they aren’t

When it comes to assessing the damage to your motor vehicle, the settlement is designed to appease the insurance company, not you. This means that if your car was stolen, vandalized, or harmed by someone else, you’ll have to put your negotiation skills to work for a fair settlement. Even though the incident wasn’t your fault, you’ll still bear the brunt of the cost – and at the Law Office of Brian Brunson, we feel that’s just not right.

2. Their goal is to protect themselves from financial loss

You might assume that insurance companies are on your side, ready to cover the lion’s share of your medical costs, damages, and loss of wages. However, this isn’t always the case. In reality, insurance adjusters prioritize their company’s bottom line, potentially offering you less than what you deserve. Since most Texans have policies with the same leading insurers, it’s likely that you could end up dealing with someone insured by the same company. This scenario lowers your chances of receiving fair compensation because insurance adjusters are motivated to minimize payouts for claims that result from their own company’s fault.

3. They may discourage you from seeking legal counsel

Insurance companies may lure you into believing they’ll treat you fairly, but that’s not always the case. They often discourage you from hiring a lawyer to save their own pockets, claiming it will only cost you more. This charade leads you to assume they’ll handle your entire claim, but can you really trust them? It’s wise to consult with a Dallas personal injury lawyer before talking to your insurer, ensuring you receive everything you’re entitled to.

4. Where you live effects rates and penalties

Did you know that your location plays a significant role in determining your insurance premium? Each state boasts its own unique set of rules regarding minimum liability coverage and traffic violation fines. Imagine, even a short move to a nearby state could impact your premium because of different laws and insurance providers in the market. And here’s a fun fact – living in bustling cities might cost you more on your premiums, especially if the city is notorious for high accident rates and vehicle theft. So, location matters more than you think in the world of insurance!

5. Your accident record can return to haunt you

Did you know that insurance companies tap into two major databases to evaluate your risk factor? They are the LexisNexis Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) and Verisk’s Automated Property Loss Underwriting System (A-PLUS). By accessing these databases, insurers can check to see if you’ve filed any claims or been involved in accidents, which could impact your insurance premiums. Keep in mind that these reports unveil up to seven years of claims history, so switching providers won’t necessarily help you escape past issues.

Tip: Curious about what information insurers have on you? Request a free copy of your Consumer Disclosure Report from LexisNexis and Verisk A-PLUS loss history report to see what they see and make any necessary corrections.

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