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Common Misconceptions About Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney Brian Brunson - Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

When it comes to personal injury law, there are a number of misconceptions that tend to discourage individuals from seeking proper legal help. This article sets out to address and debunk some of those common misunderstandings while shedding light on the ways Dallas car wreck lawyer Brian Brunson helps his clients.

Hiring an Attorney Costs a Fortune

A common belief is that hiring a personal injury attorney is costly. Contrary to this notion, most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee system, which means payment is only due if they win your case. They refrain from hourly billing or requesting large retainers. The attorney’s fee equates to a portion of the settlement or verdict, typically ranging between 30% and 40%. This method ensures that individuals from all income levels can obtain legal counsel, since there are no initial legal expenses.

I Can Represent Myself Successfully

While it’s true you have the right to represent yourself in a personal injury claim, self-management may prove difficult, particularly if you have substantial medical bills and property damage following an accident. An experienced personal injury attorney like Brian Brunson is instrumental in securing rightful compensation for your medical expenses and other associated costs.

Personal Injury Cases Take Forever To Resolve

A prevailing myth suggests that personal injury lawsuits take an eternity to resolve. Although certain cases may linger, many are actually resolved within a few months. Personal injury attorneys invest hours in rigorously examining the cause of an accident and evaluating the full scope of the victim’s injuries.

Insurance Eliminates the Need for a Lawyer

Insurance coverage doesn’t necessarily eradicate the necessity for legal assistance with your case. Your own insurer may deny or delay your claim. Skilled negotiators, lawyers have familiarity with tactics often employed by insurance adjusters. Remember, insurance companies strive for profit and will attempt to provide you with minimal compensation.

I Can File My Claim Whenever I Want

You may assume there’s plenty of time to pursue a personal injury claim, but that’s not the case. The clock starts ticking immediately after your accident. In Texas, accident victims have two years from the date of the incident to file a personal injury lawsuit. Failure to file within the designated timeframe, as dictated by the statute of limitations, will bar you from seeking compensation.

My Complex Accident Claim Will Go To Court

Contrary to popular belief, not all personal injury cases land in court. In fact, it’s estimated that around 95% of these lawsuits settle out of court before ever heading to trial. Out-of-court settlements are often favored by all parties because trials can be expensive and time-intensive.

Any Lawyer Can Handle My Car Wreck Case

Contrary to popular belief, not all lawyers possess equal expertise and experience in personal injury law. This niche domain demands an in-depth grasp of medical terminology, vehicle knowledge, negotiation skills, and the know-how to estimate and negotiate just compensation. To ensure top-notch representation, go for a seasoned lawyer like Brian Brunson with a specialization in personal injury law.

The Person Who Hit Me Has No Money So I Won’t Be Compensated

A widespread misconception is that the individual responsible for the accident will directly cover the damages from their pocket. In truth, it’s usually their insurance company that foots the bill. That’s why enlisting a personal injury attorney adept at handling insurance companies and securing equitable settlements is indispensable.

My Accident Was Minor So I Don’t Really Need A Lawyer

Even if you escape unscathed right after an accident, make it a point to consult a doctor and maintain records as a precautionary measure for potential personal injury claims. Some injuries may surface only days or weeks later. Moreover, even minor accidents can lead to mounting medical bills and missed wages. Dallas personal injury attorney Brian Brunson can guide you through your rights and make sure you obtain just compensation.


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