Dallas Thunderstorms Cause Accidents Across North Texas

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Our recent wild weather here in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex sometimes shows no mercy as rain, hail, and high winds keep road accident threats alive. However, it’s not just these extreme weather events that pose a danger. The truth is that rain-related car accidents are a bigger issue than most folks think. Even a light drizzle can draw oil from the asphalt, turning roads treacherous while unsettled conditions mess with driver behavior.

The connection between weather and road safety across Texas isn’t a simple tale. If you happen to be a rain-soaked car crash casualty, you may have grounds for a legal case, especially if the other motorist neglected their duty of due care.

Driving along side others in the rain

Throughout North Texas, car accidents multiply as jittery drivers hit the accelerator too softly or too hard. Be it overly cautious or wildly reckless driving, both styles are dangerous as weather plays havoc with roads.

Sometimes drivers are shocked to discover they’re at fault for a seemingly minor collision. For instance, say you’re tailgating and the car in front suddenly hits their brakes – unable to stop safely in time, you become the guilty party. Sadly, this situation is all too common. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation reveals that each year weather-related car accidents claim over 1,300 lives and inflict injuries on more than 116,800 individuals.

Just like how unpredictable weather unfolds, auto accidents can arise out of nowhere, but there are certain times of the month when collisions are more likely to occur. When assessing these occurrences by month, data shows that summertime sees a higher accident frequency than winter months. The National Safety Council reports that in 2020 vehicle fatalities hit a low in January with 2,666 deaths and peaked in June at 3,725.

Take precautions during inclement weather

Even a light drizzle can escalate into a thunderstorm, accompanied by lightning and thunder. Heeding the advice of the National Weather Service is crucial – avoid driving in flooded conditions and opt to turn back for safety’s sake. It’s imperative to prepare for extreme weather events as their occurrence isn’t dwindling anytime soon.

If you find yourself in the middle of a storm, here’s a list of 10 things you can do:

  1. Activate your windshield wipers to enhance road visibility.
  2. Switch on your headlights to increase sight and ensure other motorists can spot you.
  3. Slow down, but maintain a reasonable speed to prevent accidents in low visibility.
  4. Refrain from braking suddenly – gently pump the brakes or head towards the shoulder if required.
  5. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead since abrupt braking may be necessary.
  6. Steer clear of large puddles to minimize hydroplaning risks and avoid hidden hazards.
  7. Never attempt crossing flooded roads – seek an alternative route instead,
  8. Be prepared – with advancements in weather prediction, check your vehicle thoroughly if an extreme weather event is imminent. Assess your windshield wipers, fuel level, tire pressure, and oil before setting out.
  9. Stay alert and drive calmly – resisting the urge to rush home in adverse weather lessens the chances of an accident.
  10. When in doubt, pull over – finding a secure location to wait out the storm might be safer than hurrying home on treacherous roads.


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