How To Handle Being Out Of Work After An Accident

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If you’re injured in a Dallas car, truck, or motorcycle wreck, it can wreak havoc on your physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing. Many victims hope to bounce back into their normal work routine as they heal, yet they are often struck with the harsh reality that the lingering effects of the accident impede their return to their previous job or even result in total unemployment.

Have you been a victim of a crash due to someone else’s or a company’s negligence? You might be eligible for compensation regarding your injuries and losses. Even if you manage to return to work with limitations or modified hours—or if you can’t work at all—your recovery could include compensation for how lasting impairments affect your ability to make a living. Learn about the loss of future earning capacity damages and how the Law Office of Brian Brunson can help you secure a comprehensive and fair recovery.

Determining Lost Wages

In Texas, accident victims have the right to pursue compensation for future income lost as a consequence of long-lasting or permanent impairments. Termed “loss of future earning capacity,” this type of damage compensates victims for their diminished ability to earn income down the line. This is distinct from “loss of future earnings,” which refers to concrete earnings the victim will miss out on—a much harder point to prove.

The valuation of loss of future earning potential damages depends on the discrepancy between your earning capacity pre- and post-accident. There are many variables involved in determining a justified monetary figure, including your work experience, skills, past earnings, potential for training in new jobs or careers, injury severity, and lifespan statistics. Expert opinions play a vital role in Iowa motorcycle crash personal injury cases. Here’s a look at some experts typically involved in motorcycle accident litigation and how they could assist your claim.

Medical Industry Professionals

Medical evidence and testimonies are crucial in appraising the worth of your loss of future earning capacity. Physicians assess your injuries, evaluate your prognosis, and assign an impairment rating. This rating gauges the extent of your physical impairment compared to normal bodily function and helps determine the physical ramifications of your impairment or disability.

Vocational Specialists

Vocational specialists maybe called upon to help determine just compensation for loss of future earning capacity. These professionals help articulate how your impairments will affect you in a work environment and provide testimony on tasks you can or cannot perform due to your permanent injuries. This information serves as invaluable guidance for juries determining damages.

Forms of Compensation

Lost wages are only a part of what damaged you can recover under Texas law.

Compensation, often referred to as the “settlement” is based on a multitude of factors, some of which are listed below. In addition, additional compensation may be awarded if it is deemed lawful to punish the negligent driver(s) responsible for the accident. The Law Office of Brian Brunson will consult with you to determine which factors are applicable in your specific claim and how much compensation you may be owed.

Settlements are based on the severity of the wreck and the costs stemming from the accident. These costs include:

  • Property Damages – Vehicle repairs can cost thousands and you’ll likely need a rental car while yours is being repaired. But, the overall cost of an accident goes far beyond property damage.
  • Medical Bills – The average cost of an emergency room visit is well over $3,000 and inpatient hospitalization following a motor vehicle crash can end up costing more than $50,000.
  • Pain and Suffering – Vehicle repairs, medical bills, and lost wages can reek havoc on your life and well-being, and often cause emotional strain more damaging than an actual physical injury.

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