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Understanding The Steps We Take During Your Car Wreck Case

Attorney Brian Brunson - Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

Evidence plays a crucial role in any legal case, as it forms the basis upon which decisions are made. Strong evidence has the power to sway the outcome in favor of the victim. The victim’s claims are backed by a compelling range of evidence, which paints a vivid picture of the events that took place. This enables the Law Office of Brian Brunson to work diligently in ensuring that justice is served. Let’s take a closer look at the process we follow to gather evidence, aiming to make your case as robust as it can be.

Accident Scene Analysis

When investigating an accident, it is common practice to begin by analyzing the accident scene. It is important to do this promptly after the accident has occurred. By examining factors like skid marks, the position of the vehicles involved, and even the weather conditions, valuable information about the accident can be obtained. Although the police and first responders will have their own records, an attorney can identify specific details that are significant for the legal aspects of the case.

Nowadays, thanks to smartphones and surveillance cameras, there is usually photo or video proof that can be used. Attorneys will look for any recordings from security cameras in the area, traffic cameras, or even from people who were nearby. These visual recordings can show exactly what happened during the accident, making it easier to understand the sequence of events and figure out who is at fault.

Obtain Police Reports

When a car crash happens, especially if there are injuries or major damages, law enforcement is usually summoned to the location. They create a formal document outlining what they see, statements from those involved, and any tickets given out. This document can be very important evidence, providing a neutral view of what happened from experts who understand accident scenes. Their view on the crash is usually highly regarded.

Accident reports often contain diagrams that show how the vehicles were positioned, the direction they were traveling, and other important information. These diagrams, along with other evidence, can give a complete picture of what happened during the accident.

Eyewitness Accounts

Several individuals might have seen what happened, and a lawyer specializing in car accidents will put in a lot of effort to find and contact these people. The witnesses could be drivers, people walking by, or even those inside nearby buildings.

After witnesses have been identified, we may conduct interviews to document their statements. These accounts can offer an objective view of the accident, supporting the victim’s assertions or uncovering additional information. The recorded statements are often crucial in court proceedings, as they offer a recent and impartial recollection of what transpired.

Treatment Records and other Medical Documentation

It’s extremely important to see a doctor after an accident, not only for your well-being but also for your legal situation. When you have medical records, it gives solid proof of the injuries you got and the treatments you needed. These records can even explain any possible long-term consequences or disabilities caused by the accident, which can support your claims of experiencing pain and suffering.

Sometimes, we may also seek advice from medical professionals to gain a better understanding of how serious your injuries are. The testimony of an expert can help explain the nature of the injury, the process of recovery, and any potential future medical issues that may arise. This allows the non-medical individuals in the court to fully comprehend the challenges you have faced.

Car Repairs and Rental Expenses

Invoices act as physical evidence of the financial strain caused by an accident on the person affected. By collecting these documents, attorneys can create a strong case for reimbursement, guaranteeing that you won’t have to handle the full weight of unforeseen medical expenses or other related costs such as vehicle repairs, temporary car rentals, or even expenses like temporary childcare in case you were too injured to carry out regular household tasks.

Many times, we hire experts in car evaluation or mechanics to give us a thorough evaluation of the harm done. This doesn’t just show us how much damage there is, but it can also reveal the strength and angle of the impact, giving us a better understanding of how the accident happened.

Handling Complex Cases

In situations where a trial could happen, accident reconstruction experts might be brought in. These experts analyze evidence like vehicle damage, photos of the scene, and witness accounts to recreate the accident digitally or in other ways. Their conclusions help paint a clear picture of how the accident happened, helping judges and juries grasp the details more easily.

Reconstruction specialists do not only focus on the direct reasons for the accident. They also examine different factors that could have played a role, such as the state of the road, issues with the vehicle, or environmental conditions. This approach can be particularly beneficial in cases where multiple parties could be at fault, like when the city failed to address a road problem or when the actions of a third party led to the mistake of the driver responsible for the crash, resulting in a collision with your vehicle.


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