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Do I really need to hire a personal injury lawyer?

Attorney Brian Brunson - Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

A motor vehicle accident can turn your world upside down, shifting your priorities to healing and safeguarding yourself and your loved ones. When another’s negligence is the culprit behind your injury, countless questions may cloud your mind:

  1. Will my car insurance pay for this?
  2. Is my injury severe enough to warrant a law firm’s assistance?
  3. Can I afford a lawyer?

Amidst the chaos of dealing with the aftermath of an accident, seeking out a law firm and selecting the right one to represent you might feel like a daunting task. So, where should you start? Discover the advantages of hiring personal injury law firms in Portland, Oregon.

What’s The Real Value Of Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney?

Suffering a personal injury from an accident or workplace event is undoubtedly transformative. The severity of your injury will determine how much more fruitful partnering with a Dallas personal injury lawyer can be. Regardless of your situation, you deserve careful and compassionate handling.

If you’re unsure how much you stand to gain, take the first step and consult with a lawyer – their success likely aligns with yours.

The best part? Employing a personal injury attorney doesn’t cost you anything unless you win. Law firms diligently assess cases before proceeding to ensure their merit. By gaining an honest evaluation of your circumstances, you’ll know what to anticipate as you forge ahead.

4 Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

If you’re wondering if it’s really worth it to hire an experienced Texas car wreck attorney, think about the following. We can…

1. Obtain Compensation for Injuries and Other Damages

In this day and age, cars have become incredibly safe. Yet, car accidents still claim thousands of lives annually, and those numbers continue to rise.

If you’ve suffered an injury in an accident, a personal injury law firm is your ticket to obtaining the compensation you’re entitled to. It’s crucial to seek legal counsel if you have experienced:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Medical Bills
  • Motor Vehicle Damages
  • Lost Wages

When someone else’s negligence has left you injured, it’s time to prioritize your needs. Personal injury law firms stand in your corner to demand fair recompense.

2. Negotiate With the Insurance Company

Insurance adjusters have a singular mission: Save their company as much money as possible. They work on cases and manage claims every day, they’re well-acquainted with the law, and they know how to settle a case while paying out as little as possible.

This usually doesn’t bode well for you. Instead of getting bogged down by endless phone calls and paperwork, you ought to concentrate on healing your injuries and securing maximum compensation. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can skillfully handle the insurance company, level the playing field, and negotiate your case—ensuring that you get a reasonable offer.

3. Conduct Investigations into Liability

Accidents can be a complex mess of unclear outcomes and responsibilities. Pinpointing the negligent party might leave you scratching your head. In such instances, it’s wise to have legal representation in your corner.

When you hire the Law Office of Brian Brunson, we will tirelessly strive to establish your innocence. If you suspect the other party is at fault, shoulder the responsibility of uncovering their negligence. We will dive into all available evidence. Armed with this  evidence, we will ensure that your case is watertight. Even if you share a portion of the blame or carry it fully, seeking legal guidance is a must.

4. Ensure The Proper Paperwork is Filed

At first glance, it may appear simple – file paperwork, communicate articulately and let justice take its course. But beware of sneaky little nuances lurking in every case – ones you might overlook, but could quickly turn the tide against you.

There are moments when people manage to successfully navigate their own cases, like handling a minor fender-bender in a parking lot. Confident negotiators may effortlessly communicate with insurance adjusters and secure maximum settlements.

However, when an injury enters the picture and stress levels soar, that’s when a skilled personal injury lawyer becomes invaluable. With unmatched negotiation expertise, they hold the power to maximize your settlement payout.

If You’re Thinking About Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney, You’ve Come To The Right Place

Named one of the “Best Car Accident Lawyers in Dallas” by Expertise.com, Brian Brunson is Texas personal injury lawyer who is dedicated to helping clients who have suffered a car, truck, or motorcycle injury through the negligent or wrongful conduct of other drivers. In addition, his professionalism is unmatched and his 5-star, A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and client reviews speak for themselves.

We proudly serve the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding areas, our office supports the legal needs of a wide variety of clients. Let the Law Office of Brian Brunson be your advocate in your time of need and help you put your life back together. If we can’t win or settle your case, you don’t pay a dime! We know it can be daunting to take that first step after you’ve been hurt. Contact Brian Brunson today via email or call us toll-free at 1-844-41-WRECK. We can help, when no one else will.

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