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What To Do If You’re Involved In An Accident With An Out-of-State Driver

Attorney Brian Brunson - Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

Imagine finding yourself in an accident with an out-of-state driver while cruising along one of Texas’ beautiful highways. Fear not, as there’s a clear-cut plan of action to follow! First and foremost, swiftly maneuver your vehicle to a safe location, turn off the ignition, and set up emergency flares—this will fend off any additional collisions.

Once your surroundings are secured, promptly alert law enforcement and double-check that an official police report is in progress. Plus, it’s crucial to swap details with the other driver involved – think names, addresses, and license numbers. This information proves invaluable when diving into civil lawsuits later on.

Don’t forget to reach out to a skilled personal injury attorney who can expertly guide you through any legal maze that may arise.

What Information to Collect

Regardless of the accident’s severity, out-of-state drivers bring a unique set of challenges. Being well-versed in the right steps to take and having essential information on hand ensures you a solid defense against potential liabilities.

Take the initiative to obtain records from the out-of-state driver—a driver’s license number and contact details should suffice. Additionally, secure insurance details from all involved parties if possible. To further strengthen your case, gather on-site evidence such as photographs or videos before anything is moved or cleared away.

By acting quickly and efficiently, you’ll be well-prepared to handle the aftermath of an accident with an out-of-state driver, safeguarding both yourself and your property.

What Happens After The Accident

Following an accident, the insurance company may try settling with you. Many people do not understand how insurance companies operate and therefore make critical mistakes that can cost them thousands of dollars in compensation. Having the Law Office of Brian Brunson on your side prevents these mistakes from taking place. Before you speak with the insurance company, contact us first!

The insurance company will want to send out an adjuster as fast as possible to try and remedy the situation before you retain legal counsel. Oftentimes accident victims unknowingly make statements to the insurance company or their adjusters which are later used against them in a court of law.

Personal injury attorney Brian Brunson helps educate clients on the legal process and takes the necessary steps when dealing with the insurance company to ensure his clients are the ones benefiting, and not the insurance company.

You Need a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

When you find yourself in a car crash with an out-of-state driver, it’s crucial to turn to an expert lawyer for guidance and representation. Navigating the tricky legal landscape between two states can be a challenge, but a well-versed advocate can bridge the gap and secure your rights.

Moreover, if it comes down to a lawsuit, dealing with another state’s insurance company becomes a daunting task that demands thorough understanding of rules and procedures. A skilled attorney will assess your case, offer the best possible advice, and strive for the most advantageous outcome on your behalf.

Bringing in a knowledgeable lawyer for a collision with an out-of-state driver significantly boosts your chances of receiving fair compensation for any damages resulting from another party’s irresponsibility or wrongdoing.

At the Law Office of Brian Brunson, we’re ready to support you every inch of the way.

Out-of-State Accidents Are Complex

Accidents involving out-of-state drivers are distinctive because their insurance coverage often differs significantly from Texas’ requirements. However, this doesn’t obstruct accident victims from filing claims against these out-of-state drivers and their respective insurers.

Victims of car accidents should be aware that insurance policies come from national and international providers. Although coverage levels may vary depending on the driver’s home state, policies generally remain valid across state lines. Consequently, car accident victims have every right to review an out-of-state driver’s insurance documents to evaluate the extent of coverage available.

If You’ve Been Involved In An Accident With An Out-of-State Driver, Contact Us Today

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