What Do I Do If The At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Company Contacts Me

After an accident, you’re probably going to receive a phone call from the insurance company of the other driver involved, also known as the adverse driver. Generally speaking, it is not in your best interest to have a conversation or arrange a meeting with the adjuster representing the other driver, regardless of who was at […]

Should I Have Personal Injury Protection Coverage?

Personal injury protection (PIP) is a valuable form of insurance coverage that assists with the financial burden of expenses such as medical bills, lost wages, and funeral costs resulting from a car accident, regardless of who is at fault. The requirements for this coverage differ among states. In the event of an auto accident, your […]

Understanding The Texas Auto Accident Claims Process

Every day in Texas, people suffer injuries due to the careless actions of others. These injuries aren’t just physical; they also encompass emotional pain, medical costs, lost income, as well as funeral expenses and loss of companionship resulting from a loved one’s death. You might be uncertain if someone can be held responsible for your […]

Comparing Car and Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims

Filing a compensation claim after a car or motorcycle accident may seem quite similar at first glance. With common factors like the same statute of limitations and the necessity to prove negligence, it’s easy to see why. However, just like the prominent physical distinctions between cars and motorcycles, there are significant differences in their respective […]

Can Passengers Obtain Compensation When Involved In A Car Accident?

Imagine you’re cruising along in your car, and suddenly, another driver causes an accident, leaving you injured. You’re well aware that you can seek compensation from that driver, as they are accountable for the expenses you’ve racked up – be it medical bills or lost wages – their careless, reckless or deliberate actions undoubtedly led […]

Does My Insurance Premium Increase When I’m In An Accident?

In today’s fast-paced world, car accidents have become an unfortunate and inescapable part of life. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported a staggering 6 million car accidents in the United States in 2019 alone, leading to grievous injuries, property damage, and financial loss. One critical financial repercussion of a car accident is the surge […]

How Do I Know If My Car Will Be Considered “Totaled”

If you’re involved in a car accident, you’re probably hoping that your insurer will pay to restore your precious ride back to its pre-crash glory. But, it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes, the unthinkable happens: your car is deemed a “total loss” or, in simpler terms, “totaled.” What does “totaled” mean, you ask? It’s […]

What To Do If You’re Involved In An Accident With An Out-of-State Driver

Imagine finding yourself in an accident with an out-of-state driver while cruising along one of Texas’ beautiful highways. Fear not, as there’s a clear-cut plan of action to follow! First and foremost, swiftly maneuver your vehicle to a safe location, turn off the ignition, and set up emergency flares—this will fend off any additional collisions. […]

The Dangers of Letting Someone Else Drive Your Car

Imagine this scenario, you let someone else take the wheel of your car, and suddenly, there’s an accident. Whose insurance will pay for the damages? Does your car insurance cover other drivers? Unraveling this puzzling question involves understanding several factors that influence the extent of your insurance coverage. Legally, auto insurance is designed to safeguard […]

5 Things Car Insurance Companies Wish You Didn’t Know

Unlocking the secrets of car insurance and discovering the factors providers consider can be your ticket to slashing expenses. Put yourself in the driver’s seat by analyzing your car owner profile and identifying the little details that can rev up savings or slam the brakes on affordability. Go on a deal-hunting road trip by comparing […]